Implementing an Employee Retention Solution that Actually Works

Since 2008, Wellworks has been focused on helping corporate companies find an employee retention solution that actually works. Employee retention programs are often implemented then sadly neglected, but Wellworks aims at solving this disparity. Employee retention solutions should be applied for the entire duration of employments, not just during the initial few months. Everyone in the company, including coworkers, managers, and employers should be involved with the program. One of the easiest and most selfless ways to do this is with a health and wellness service program, as both a healthy mind and body are absolutely necessary for the best employee turnout and efficient, which doesn’t have to be merely focused on outside of the office.employee retention solution

Changing the way Employees Feel about the Company they Work for with an Effective Employee Retention Solution

Employees who are a part of a previous wellness program in a corporate office are simply not typically involved in the program due to a lack of personalization within the employee retention solution program. A simple lack of engagement makes all the difference.

Wellworks provides the solution that many companies need. With the advanced platforms, management and software that other program might lack, we are able to give your corporate office a proven return on investment.

Some of the offered programs by Wellworks include:

  •      Health coaching
  •      Disease management
  •      Free health risk assessments
  •      Onsite preventative screenings
  •      Smoking cessation programs

At Wellworks, we have a total of 15 employee retention solution programs that can benefit your employees. In addition to our programs, we also integrate devices and applications that can help your employees and co-workers track their progress. This makes the entire office a healthier, more enjoyable environment with long-term improved working conditions.

To contact a representative at Wellworks about more information about retention solution for employees, customer service, free trials, or any other inquires or concerns, please call the number 800.425.4657 today!

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