So you want a healthy, happy and productive corporate culture.

Why wouldn’t you?  Implementing a corporate wellness program in the workplace can lower healthcare costs and absenteeism, raise morale and productivity and much more. The main question at hand: how? Easily, conveniently and comprehensively … that’s how!

The integrative corporate wellness program offered through Wellworks For You can give you the push you’ve been looking for. Not only does our wellness portal have everything you need to launch a corporate wellness program, from health tracking, nutrition and fitness information to real-time reporting and health coaching, we even have (as the saying goes)  “an app for that.”


Evaluate The Needs of Employees

implementing a corporate wellness program

Step one: evaluate the needs of your potential participants. Talk with employees to find out what their personal health concerns and goals are. This will help you tailor a program that efficiently and effectively meets the needs of those participating. For a community that needs to work on weight management, a pedometer program might be a great choice. For those struggling with smoking, you might see powerful results from a smoking cessation program. Once you know what your team needs, you can focus on a specific wellness program or build a portfolio to cover it all.

Customize your Program

After goals have been established, a program can be customized and applied. Simply saying “let’s all get moving” is not an effective plan. Alternately, choose a few specific and measurable changes to make in order to track progress and hold one another accountable. Additionally, make sure that the specifics of your program actually support your goals. It’s helpful to consult a wellness professional at this stage; he/she is likely to know what strategies will work best with your group.

Ensure Engagement

If you have a program that is both measurable and specific, you’re halfway there when it comes to engagement. In addition to these two qualities, think about what it will take for employees to be excited and involved. An incentive program or creative element can make the difference between a program that flourishes or one that fizzles. Understand the power and potency of health tech and don’t be afraid to use and promote it. The Wellworks smartphone app, for example, is a convenient, multifaceted means of engaging users – any place, any time.

Add Support

One specific element of engagement that you need to ensure is support. Has a supportive environment been created in which participants have a way to share their struggles, encouragement, and/or questions? If at all possible, this network of support should also include a healthcare professional who can be a resource for clinical questions and concerns.

Track Results

Finally, make sure that you have a way to track results on individual and group levels. Tracking progress can be a great source of motivation and also provides the hard data needed to evaluate and communicate goals, needs, and return on investment.


Need Help Implementing a Corporate Wellness Program?

These five steps are a great starting point for implementing a corporate wellness program.  However, along the way, you may find yourself looking for more support and resources. That’s where we come in; consider partnering with Wellworks For You. We have the experience to provide you with the service and technology you need to create and run an engaging and effective wellness program.

Updated on: June 13, 2017 9:15 am