Health risk assessments are a key component of corporate wellness programs. In 2016 statistics demonstrated that 35.1% of employer health plans offered an HRA plan. Research suggests that HRA Plans and HRA follow-ups are effective when used comprehensively with a comprehensive employee wellness program. These types of assessments collect information about an individual in a systematic fashion in order to provide personalized health-related feedback.

How Does Offering an HRA Plan Benefit Employees and Your Business?

HRAs identify possible health risks, including risk of several chronic diseases. At Wellworks For You, we offer companies the Know Your Number® health risk assessment to enable employees to track their risk for nine modifiable chronic diseases.

HRA PlanHRA’s can bring benefits to corporations, Fortune 500s, and small businesses. And, while an HRA Plan can inform employees of their risk for chronic conditions and potential health issues, HRA Plans also bring potential health risks to the attention of employers. In turn, employers can help make adjustments to employee wellness programs to accommodate the health and wellness needs of employees.

Healthy employees are generally more likely to be:

  • Productive
  • Happy
  • Loyal to their work

How Does A HRA Health Plan Work

Implementing HRAs can be simple, but an efficient system needs to be developed. There are some factors to consider, including:

  • When choosing a vendor, make sure their goals line up with your objectives.
  • Make sure ethical standards will be upheld since medical information is confidential.
  • Find out what kind of technology will be used. Ask about any technical features and make sure you are aware of what your package includes, as well as what features may cost extra.
  • Discuss what mode of administration you prefer. HRAs can be conducted onsite, in person, on paper, or online.
  • Decide who will implement this step, whether internal staff, an HRA vendor such as Wellworks For You, or someone associated with the employee’s health plan.

HRA Follow-Up

Make sure each employee has received their individual HRA report after finishing their assessment. Since this document will contain valuable health information, allow them time to process and read the report. Consider offering a small or large group meeting in which employees can bring their reports and ask questions about the information recorded.

A qualified health professional should be present to assist them with any concerns or confusion. Consider bringing in a health coach or advisor. Some employees may wish to discuss their findings in private and this request should be honored.

No matter how you decide to format the follow-up, don’t neglect it. Once the assessments have been completed, the journey towards better health is really just beginning!

If you’d like to know more about HRA account rules or how to incorporate a target HRA plan for your company, one of our Wellworks For You experts is ready to begin a conversation with you. Contact us today or call us at 800-425-4657.