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Tracking DOT certifications needed for a CDL license can take countless hours. This means lots of lost administrative time. That’s where WellDriver comes in. It’s a one of a kind platform that assists trucking companies and drivers. With WellDriver, you can get DOT certification tracking, automatic expiration reminders, and licensed Nurse Advocates all in one place.


Never lose your CDL license over missing a DOT physical or medical exam again. CDL drivers are required to get a DOT exam every 24 months. Some drivers will need one sooner if they have a medical condition. WellDriver helps companies remind their drivers of upcoming expirations.

Automatic Expiration Reminders 60, 30, and 15 days
Text and Email Notifications


Managing a fleet can mean keeping track of dozens of CDL drivers and their DOT Long Forms. WellDriver includes DOT Long Form tracking which will save you time. Stop looking for who has completed what and if their certification is nearing expiration. Drivers can upload their long forms directly into the WellDriver portal in an effort to keep everything in one place.


WellDriver includes a powerful reporting dashboard you can use to assess current certifications, expirations, recertifications, engagement, and more! Reporting allows you to view the overall health of your fleet and any areas that could be improved.


It’s no surprise that long hours on the road and being away from home make it difficult to keep track of your health. Long-haul truck drivers are especially prone to overlooking easily managed health issues. These issues may prevent them from passing or keeping their DOT medical exams.

WellDriver provides licensed Nurse Advocates for drivers that need additional and personalized health assistance. This access could mean the difference between losing or keeping your CDL license.

Drivers get access to the Wellworks User Portal

Never miss important next steps in a program

Easily upload and track DOT forms

Keep Your Drivers In Physical Shape

Long-haul truck drivers face long hours and little opportunity for exercise. According to the CDC, long-haul truckers are twice as likely to be obese and smoke compared to other US workers. Very few meet the daily recommended minimum time of physical activity. That’s why the DOT certification process to get your CDL license is so important.

Whether your CDL license is due to expire or not, drivers must get a DOT medical examination every 24 months. Failing the medical exam can mean losing your CDL license, a costly outcome that should be avoided. It’s important to focus on your drivers’ health before problems arise through preventive care. Ensure each driver is getting yearly check ups, focusing on healthy habits, and finding time to exercise a little more.

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