How to Stay Healthy on a Budget

So you’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle, but your wallet is looking a little thin these days. Not to worry! While it may be a little more challenging to plan a healthy diet on a dime, it is absolutely possible to stay healthy on a budget.

Living Healthy on a Budget:

  • how to stay healthy on aLearn to Love Leftovers: As a kid you probably hated “leftover night,” but it’s a great way to cut both food costs and food waste. It doesn’t mean you have to eat the exact same thing – try “repurposing” your leftovers. For example, if you roast a chicken one night, make a pot pie the next, and soup after that! Utilizing leftovers is key to any healthy food budget.
  • Eat Seasonally: The imported asparagus that costs $4.99/lb in December might only cost $1.99/lb when it’s in season locally. We all know that vegetables are key to any healthy diet, and visiting a local farmer’s market is a great way to load up on a bumper crop of in-season produce. Most vegetables can easily be frozen for future use.
  • Cook at Home: Listen, we know it’s so much easier to grab lunch out, or pick-up something for dinner, but it’s also a lot more expensive. If you’re short on time, try prepping and freezing or refrigerating a couple meals for later on your day off. When it comes to eating healthy on a budget, this may be the best tip out there.
  • Shop Sales: This can be a bit tricky, as many sales and almost all coupons are for unhealthy processed foods. So take care to peruse weekly sale ads and stock up on any healthy staples. Anyone wondering how to stay healthy on a budget must learn to shop smart!

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