Start A Walking Program That Works!

You’ve been keeping an eye on the employees in your office. 

And you’ve noticed that a few of them could–how to put this delicately? A few of them could strongly benefit from getting a bit healthier.  Maybe a lot of them.

how to start a walking programMaybe yourself included. In fact, there isn’t anyone who couldn’t benefit from increased exercise and a stronger commitment to wellness. And that’s why starting a walking program is such a holistically-beneficial initiative for your workplace.

But actually making a walking program happen (and convincing your employees to participate) takes a lot more than good intentions and a personal investment in wellness. So if you’re wondering how to start a walking program that is successful, effective, and fun, consider the following three helpful tips.

How To Start A Walking Program In Three Easy Steps

  1. Host An Informational Session
    You’re already familiar with the personal and corporate benefits of exercise, health, and wellness–but many of your employees may not be. Hosting an educational seminar prior to starting a walking program can convince employees to take their health more seriously and encourage their participation.
  2. Create An Incentive
    Another major part of encouraging widespread corporate participation is offering a reward. Predictable, right? Not only does offering prizes for the top participants encourage more people to get involved, it also creates a fun element of competition between employees. We recommend introducing incentive prizes for both top walkers and “most improved” participants–those who have the most radically increased activity rates.
  3. Distribute Pedometers
    Pedometers allow employees to effectively track and quantify their progress–which better enables self-motivation and personal goal setting. And using pedometer software and apps makes organizing and overseeing a walking program considerably easier.

The wellness experts at Wellworks For You can help you with every step of starting a walking program. We host educational sessions (including our popular wellness “lunch and learns”), work with employers to create a program strategy and determine effective incentives, and offer a wide selection of top-rated pedometers for use in walking programs. Now that you know how to start a walking program, there’s no reason to delay!

As always, feel free to reach out to Wellworks For You for more information, tips, and tricks.