How To Promote Healthy Living

The Challenges Faced in the Workplace: how to promote healthy living

It can be very difficult to stay healthy while at work. You may be on a special diet plan or workout routine, but many people feel like all bets are off once they go to work. Short lunch breaks don’t allow enough time to eat and get some exercise. Break rooms and vending machines are full of unhealthy food. Work parties offer access to tempting sugary snacks. To promote healthy living at work can be even more difficult, as many people don’t want to change. Many ask how to promote healthy living at work?

Promoting Healthy Living at Work

The good news is, it’s not impossible! As long as your company offers a corporate wellness program of some kind, the first steps have already been taken. Support from company leadership is the most important obstacle to overcome and then the real work can begin. In answering the question how to promote healthy living, especially at work, we always suggest starting with small, simple steps to get employees and co-workers used to the idea of some changes.

Small Steps to Big Change

Still wondering exactly how to promote healthy living at work? The first step is to encourage more exercise. This may mean longer lunch breaks, access to the company gym, or reimbursements on community gym membership fees. Get people in a regular routine of exercise, even if it’s just walking during lunch. Second, emphasize education and personal responsibility. Help people understand that their health is in their own hands. Empower them to make positive changes in their lives by quitting bad habits, eating more healthy food, or exercising more. The third step is to be mindful of mental health – physical health problems are often related to or caused by mental problems or certain medications. Don’t forget to offer resources for people to become more emotionally whole.

How To Promote Healthy Living | How To Promote Healthy Living At Work