Don’t stress about how to live a long, healthy life. Have some fun with these cool tips!

Who says living a healthy life has to be boring? Here at Wellworks For You, we like to change things up a bit. Are you tired of hearing the same healthy tip over and over again? Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled 10 unusual (but useful) tips on how to live a healthy life.

Get ready for your Live a Healthy Life How-To, and be prepared for a surprise with our awesome discoveries in health.

How To Live A Healthy Life, For Men

  • How-To-Live-A-Healthy-Life-1.jpgTap Into Your Inner Frank Sinatra
    Even if you’re not a performer, everybody sounds amazing in the shower! Singing helps your circulation and lymphatic system. It’s also a great mood booster. Dancing reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, giving you both a physical and mental boost.
  • Booze It Up With Beer and Wine
    In moderation!! A study done by a UT team shows that there is not a dramatic difference in health benefits between fine wine and good beer, although they are different. For example, some beers contain silicone which helps in bone density, while wine has resveratrol which contributes to a healthy heart by reducing blood clots, blood vessel damage, and lowering cholesterol.
  • Believe in Man’s Best Friend
    Plenty of studies show that petting a dog can keep your blood pressure under control. This is great if you have a high-stress job, since it will reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Ditch The ‘Stache
    Don’t be sad. According to Dr. Rob Hicks of Beat Your Allergies, a moustache (much like clothing) can trap pollen throughout the day. If you’re tired of sneezing, try shaving your mustache and see how it helps.
  • Put The Lid Down
    As a man, your significant other might appreciate this one. When you flush with the lid up, E. Coli and other faecal-based bacteria can float around your bathroom, even landing on your toothbrush!
  • Straighten Up
    Do you have a long commute? If so, be sure to drive with good posture. A good way to make sure you’re sitting up correctly is by imagining ice water is being poured down your spine. This helps you sit straight with shoulders back, instead of slumped over.
  • Use The First Stall
    By habit, many people avoid using the first stall because it’s located closest to the door, assuming it reduces privacy. This leads to lower bacteria levels and more toilet paper.
  • Dare To Change
    Take inventory of the positive and negative aspects of your life, and balance them out. Make sure that you are taking care of you.
  • Have Sex
    Okay, we’re all adults here. But let’s be honest – a great way to stay healthy is to have sex regularly. This not only improves mental health, but also has physical benefits: an increased heart rate and the production of immunoglobulin help keep you from catching a cold.
  • Sleep
    Alright, this is not an unexpected tip – but it is important. Don’t stay up all night playing poker or video games with your buddies. Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep. With our Health Coaches here at Wellworks, we can help you figure out how much sleep you need, reducing your risk of decreased testosterone levels.

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