How to Increase Low Participation with Employee Wellness Program Incentives

You implemented a corporate wellness program to yield research-backed robust benefits for your employees: fewer sick days, improved health, lowered risks of disease, a positive work culture, etc. Despite the wealth of benefits (and investment on your company’s part), you may represent one of the many companies experiencing poor employee participation. A 2012 Gallup study found that a mere 24% of employees actually take part in corporate wellness programs; understandably this can feel frustrating or downright demoralizing from management’s perspective.

Rather than decentivizing your employees to make them participate or giving up on the notion entirely, refamiliarize yourself with the top 5 explanations for employees’ low participation and how implementing employee wellness incentive programs (not to be confused with corporate wellness programs) can help.

Why the Low Participation?

  • I don’t have time. People prioritize what they perceive as important. If they’re not convinced of the value of what’s being offered, they will not rearrange their schedule to make the time.
  • Convenience An on-site gym or membership to a nearby gym is convenient for some people; for others, the hours may not work logistically.
  • Lack of interest They may be uninspired by the options, equipment, and trainers available.
  • We have a wellness program? In that same 2012 study by Gallup, only 60% of employees knew their company had a corporate wellness program.

So What Is Working to Increase Participation?

  • Participation from leaders
  • Offering at-home options

Consider subsidizing exercise programs like P90x, Daily Burn, or Eckhart Yoga. This way your employees have the ability to exercise whenever they want.

  • Reframing the company’s efforts with overall wellness as the goal, rather than just doing it for the bottom line
  • Healthy competition.
  • And you guess it: wellness incentive programs for employees who participate

In order to support your employees and help them transition their participation into long-term habits, use positive reinforcement and incentives to effectively inspire long-lasting change.

Take these ideas and run with them – when it comes to fun employee wellness program incentives, you are limited only by your creativity. For more ideas and advice about wellness incentive programs for employees, call Wellworks For You at 1.800.425.4657 today!