How to Implement Corporate Health Coaching for Employees

Have you ever considered adding health coaching to your corporate wellness program? If you’re looking for more information about how that kind of program might work, you’ve come to the right place. Wellworks For You provides wellness coaching as a particular component which can be done as part of a corporate wellness program. Coaching could be the only program running at a particular time, but we feel that it is actually most effective when combined with other programs and incentives of a corporate wellness program.

Health Coaching

Especially for certain personality types, health coaching can be a great way to get more employees involved in a corporate wellness program. This kind of program could be described as a mentorship or accountability type of relationship, but it is always focused on an individual’s overall health and wellness. Each employee who takes part in this program would be assigned to a health coach. Depending on each person’s situation, health coaches can play the roles of cheerleaders, encouragers, reminders, examples, trainers and challengers.

Each individual would be encouraged to develop a relationship with their health coach – one in which they could address aspects of their overall wellness which are needing improvement. Employees should be reassured that any information given to their health coach is private. The coach would then go about determining a plan of action and getting the individual on board. In some cases, this may look like a smoking cessation program, in others it could look like an incentive to get to the gym at least 3 times a week. Whatever the proposed methods, health coaching always has the goal of producing individual results that lead to better health.

No matter what situations or challengers an individual employee is facing, providing the option for health coaching is a great idea for everyone’s well being. Employees will be challenged and encouraged to improve their health and overall attitude on life, which in turn benefits the company in multiple ways.

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