How to Get and Stay Motivated With Creative Corporate Fitness Ideas

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than one third of of U.S. adults are obese. Obesity related conditions include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain kinds of cancer.  Armed with that information, corporations have been investing in corporate wellness programs.  Implementing wellness programs is a great way to begin to combat obesity.  The challenge is how to stay actively engaged. If you’re seeking creative corporate fitness ideas Wellworks For You is here to help, here’s our list of 7 creative corporate fitness ideas!

  • corporate fitness ideasIncorporate the use of wearables that measure the number of steps you take, your heart rate and tracks your daily fitness. Then implement fitness challenges, they can be small such as taking 10,00 steps per day for a month or large.  BP ran a 1 million step challenge with a higher deductible used as an incentive for the winners.
  • Recess! You might remember this from your childhood, but some businesses are bringing it back in the form of a wellness park. Playing basketball, ping-pong, volleyball, badminton, running, or walking in the afternoon can help boost your energy level and reduce stress.
  • Access an online health coach.  This is great for people who travel extensively for work because they can sign in anywhere and get support or advice while traveling.
  • Nap at work.  We don’t always think of sleep as being part of our fitness regime, but it’s important to get enough sleep.  Google has nap pods on-site where employees can indulge in cat naps.
  • Start a weight-loss challenge. Inspire employee buy-in by providing incentives or a reward for the individual that loses their targeted percentage within a 10 or 12 week time frame.
  • Bring health care on-site. Perhaps a doctor for a routine exam, a nutritionist to meet with people individually, or even a masseuse.  Finding the time to get to a health care specialist can be difficult but you can save time by bringing the professionals to you.

Challenges and Solutions of Corporate Fitness Ideas

Corporate wellness programs have been on the rise, which is great, however there are challenges to overcome.  What makes corporate wellness challenging is often the time and cost of implementing these programs, and passive interest.  What can you do to resolve these problems?

  • Be visible.  Everyone from CEOs to maintenance should participate and model healthy habits.
  • Get creative.  Brainstorm ideas with teams, create competitions, rewards and/or incentives.
  • Corporate culture support. Maintaining a corporate wellness program requires a supportive culture in order to grow and thrive.  Lose the sweet and salty drinks and snacks in the vending machines, install bike racks, provide water coolers.
  • Mix it up.  Start a walking challenge one week, and a sleep competition the next.  If it’s a fresh idea, people are more motivated to participate.
  • Make fitness at work part of your daily routine. Running a 5k is great, but the benefits are greater if you maintain your healthy habits regularly.

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