Now is the perfect opportunity for employer and employee to unite in the effort to work toward improved health and wellness.

With growing evidence to support the benefits that come from wellness in the workplace, like reduced absenteeism, healthcare savings, and increased morale, it’s not surprising that businesses are expanding their employee wellness programs. In fact, a recent article mentioned that within the next three to five years, employers will strive to broaden employee wellness by approximately 84-percent. The only remaining question is how to engage employees in wellness programs—and luckily, we have the answers.

Seven Tips on How to Engage Employees in Wellness Programs

At Wellworks For You, we specialize in offering a variety of employee wellness programs, including an online Wellness Portal with device/app integration, telemedicine, wellness challenges, preventative screenings, and more. And, while providing a diverse range of wellness programs and services is vital to the success of a workplace wellness program, learning how to engage employees in wellness activities is equally paramount and necessary for employers to maximize their ROI.

Here are seven ways to entice employees to participate in your employee wellness program

  1. Incentives, Incentives, Incentives
    types of incentives that will entice employees. At Wellworks For You, we help businesses construct points-based, outcomes-based, tiered incentives programs, and participatory incentives, in addition to monetary incentives to help increase participation. Think about offering extra vacation days for wellness goals reached.
  2. Lunch and Learn
    Offer a quick online survey or poll to employees to see what health-related topic they’re most interested in learning about. Host a healthy lunch and have an expert come in to discuss whatever motivating fitness, exercise, or mental-health subject your employees most want to hear about.
  3. How-To-Engage-Employees-In-Wellness Healthy Competition
    If a posted sign to join a lunch walk in the breakroom isn’t encouraging participation in workplace wellness, try integrating more unique and defined wellness challenges like a 30-day yoga challenge, step challenge, and daily-water consumption challenge.
  4. Wellness a Phone Call Away
    Employees who work 40-plus hours a week don’t have ample time to invest in visiting the doctor or other health professionals. Offer them the option to engage in telemedicine to offer them the convenience they crave.
  5. Onsite Screenings
    Again, employees don’t have much time (if any) to go to the doctor when they’re sick, let alone for preventative measures. Providing onsite health screenings to empower employees to understand where they stand on biometrics, vaccines, and other valuable health data during work hours is an attractive proposition for busy workers.
  6. The Long Stretch
    When employees work long hours, fitness can be hard to fit in. Bringing in a yoga or other fitness instructor once a week for employees to take advantage of for a 60-minute exercise session can help boost their motivation and confidence to participate in your employee wellness program.
  7. Mindfulness Movement
    To help the overall morale and mindset of employees, encourage a program that involves mindfulness and meditation. Allow time for breaks, fresh air, and quiet.

Increase Wellness Program Participation Today

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