How Setting Work Goals Leads to Change

In this rat race of life, there are few things that stand out. Day blends into day, night into night. The wisest, wealthiest man in history stated that there is “nothing new under the sun.” Solomon is historically recognized as the man who had it all. And yet he was depressed and frustrated with the futility of all his work and knowledge.

Setting Work GoalsThere was one thing that he found to be worthwhile: eat, drink, and be merry. Enjoy your days, because they are numbered.

The great question that follows is: how do we enjoy our days? The emphasis in our society is not on enjoyment or savoring, but on gaining wealth and prestige. Large house, family of four, white picket fence, sports car, riding mower.

It’s good to set goals, of course. Setting work goals, family goals, and personal wealth goals are an important part of leading a responsible life. However, it’s difficult to enjoy any of these things if you are not satisfied with yourself. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin.

5 Ways to Succeed When Setting Work Goals

  1. Know yourself. In what ways do you function? Are you a go-getter or a follower? If you’re a go-getter, you need to…
  2. Clear a path! Remove all the obstacles to setting work goals and set aside all of the negative thoughts that so easily weigh us down. If you’re a follower, however, you must…
  3. Find a leader! Whether this takes the form of a group effort or a personal trainer, a leader will guide you, giving you the push you need to begin your journey.
  4. Once your path is cleared or you’ve found a leader, get accountability. They say that the fear of man is greater than the fear of God. How true that is. Our pride is often one of our greatest assets in achieving our goals. It drives us, giving us the desire to please/impress others.

Buy Something. A nebulous idea, yes? However gimicky this may sound, Americans tend to value and work more for something if they have invested actual money in it. It’s just how we work. So if you’re setting work goals for weight loss, buying vitamins, gym clothes, or investing in a wellness program, such as the ones provided by Wellworks, can all help you succeed tremendously.

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