How Promoting Wellness Workplace is Good for Business!

Let’s start with the basics, what is Workplace Wellness? According to the CDC, it is the various educational information and activities that a workplace may implement to promote healthy lifestyles for their employees and their families.  How is promoting wellness workplace good for business?  Workplace wellness programs benefit your company by:promoting wellness workplace

  • Reducing healthcare costs.  
  • Reducing employee absentee rates.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Boosting employee morale.
  • Employee retention.

Promoting Wellness Workplace is a worthwhile effort because of the return of investment, by spending a little money now, you can increase your profit over time. Whether you have a small or large company, implementing wellness in the workplace is a good idea.  It’s easy to promote wellness at work, continue reading to find out how.

Getting Started: Promoting Wellness Workplace

Don’t worry if you are working with limited resources because small steps can lead to big changes.

  • Preventive care is a quick and easy place to begin.  Encourage vaccinations and offer to cover the cost or reimburse employees.  If possible, make flu shots available at work so employees don’t miss time at work by going to their doctor or pharmacy.
  • Workplace clinics are a great way to ensure employees receive regular medical care.  Having a doctor provide these clinics saves time and allows employees time at work to care for themselves.
  • Begin a workplace health challenge.  They don’t have to be complicated or expensive, but they should offer an incentive for participating.  Wellworks For You has a comprehensive list of ideas for worksite challenges.  
  • Swap the junk food in vending machines for fresh fruits, vegetables and water.  When employees indulge in sugary foods and drinks, they make have a short burst of energy before feeling tired again.  Providing fresh fruits, vegetables and water in the kitchen or cafeteria help employees make healthier snack options.
  • Access to additional on-site or outside resources.  Remember that wellness isn’t limited to physical health, but mental and emotional health as well.  Provide employees with resources to quit smoking, or seek counseling when dealing with depression, anxiety or stress. Create a culture of openness and understanding so employees support one another in order to improve morale.

Health and wellness at work is an advantage for everyone.  Learn more about promoting wellness workplace by going to or give us a call at 800.425.4657

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