How “Play” is Missing in Most Workplaces and How Health Wellness Challenges Can Help

The one thing we most often shed during our emerging adult years is our ingrained sense of play.  While this may seem natural, studies are beginning to show that it is actually only the manufactured development of our current culture.  

Health-Wellness-ChallengesAs we dutifully leave behind the cars, marbles, and dolls, we may come to find that we have left much more than our toys behind us.  We have laid aside an integral part of our being, one that helps revive, refresh, inspire and motivate us.  

Dr. Stuart Brown, author of “Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul”, maintains that play is an essential, but neglected part of our continual development, young and old.   

And that is why Wellworks For You recognizes the need for Health Wellness Challenges that increase participation through enjoyable programs that emulate an environment of “play.”

Our wellness challenges will provide your employees with goals and rewards for participation while promoting a lighthearted and fun atmosphere that will lead participants closer to intrinsic motivation for health and wellness.  

In Dr. Brown’s book he explains that a group of managers at JPL researched the concept of play, even in adults.  Their findings were in conjunction with that of Dr. Brown’s, that “there is a kind of magic in play. What might seem like a frivolous or even childish pursuit is ultimately beneficial. It’s paradoxical that a little bit of “nonproductive” activity can make one enormously more productive and invigorated in other aspects of life. When an activity speaks to one’s deepest truth, it is a catalyst, enlivening everything else.”

The National Institute for Play, founded by Dr. Brown, mentions the benefits of play among them being that it generates optimism, makes perseverance fun, and gives the immune system a boost.

How Wellworks Health Wellness Challenges Incorporate and Encourage These 3 Benefits of Play

  1. Generate Optimism-When your mind is focused on improving and reaching towards a goal, the result will be a greater sense of optimism.  Because participation in corporate wellness challenges force mental and physical focus on something positive, your employees will experience an improvement in general outlook.
  2. Make Perseverance Fun-We all have experienced the painful experience of exercising in solace against all desire or struggling with that bag of chips when the only one keeping us from it is….us.  Incorporating group accountability or outside rewards gives our discipline a boost, making the process easier and even fun.
  3. Give the Immune System a Boost-Of course our health wellness challenges by very nature will increase the function of the immune system.  However, the enjoyment factor while participating gives an extra boost to the body’s immune system. In the magazine Scientific American, they state findings that “the body’s response to stress can suppress parts of the immune system and, over the long term, lead to damaging levels of inflammation.”  Happiness alleviates stress. Play, or enjoyable challenges, generate happiness.

While some may believe that all enjoyable activities should be left to children, or at least left at home, we hope you will realize the benefits of play-related programs in the workplace.  Our worksite wellness challenges incorporate engaging and enjoyable activities because we know the value that positive experiences can bring to your employees, and in turn your company.

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