How Many Steps Should You Take a Day?

Tracking calories has been one way of tracking health, but increasingly more people are getting on to the appeal of counting steps. There’s just something motivating when you see the steps ticking up on your pedometer throughout the day. Using a pedometer is one way to tangibly improve your health: cardiovascular, strength, mobility, mood, and sleep! So how many steps should you take a day?

The 10,000 Step Goal

how many steps should you take a dayMany walking programs recommend 10,000 steps most days of the week to improve fitness, heart health, and weight control. Let’s break this down: what does that mean for you? Consider that about 2000 steps is a mile for most people, which means that a 10,000 step day means 5 miles of walking. That includes all the steps you take throughout work and in between activities.

How long does it take to walk 10,000 steps? Most people walk quickly at 3.5 mph, so that’s 17 minutes per mile, and 85 minutes for 5 miles–but the faster your pace, the faster the 5 miles are finished.

How many steps you should take a day should start with your current habits. If you start wearing a pedometer and note that you only have 2,000 a day now, then maybe you could make weekly goals over a number of weeks to keep adding 1,000 more. You shouldn’t think of walking as your primary weight loss strategy, however. A recent meta-study showed a low rate of weight loss associated with walking, though the authors affirmed walking programs’ value as the ticket to greater wellness and fitness.

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how many steps should you take a day| how many steps you should take a day