How A Health Products Affiliate Program Can Benefit Your Company

Wellworks For You eqips companies with a comprehensive wellness program for their employees.  We know that if your employees are healthy and happy then they are more productive in the workplace. We offer corporate wellness programs that focus on getting your employees on board and engaged in a healthy lifestyle by encouraging participation and providing strong incentives.

Health Products Affiliate Program

Have you been interested in implementing a wellness program in your company? Our Broker Program is a part of the health products affiliate program we provide for companies or other wellness companies looking for new and better ways to serve their clients.

Our Broker Program Keeps Your Employees On Target

Our Broker Program is beneficial in a number of ways, but the secret to our success is through our online wellness portal. With our online wellness portal we’re able to offer your client/employees a way to stay on track, receive rewards, maintain client/employee communication, and access other ways to log their journey to a healthier lifestyle.Our online wellness portal is able to be accessed 24/7 in order to accommodate the needs of your employees. Wellworks For You wants your employees to succeed so we offer a way to customize the wellness portal to their specific needs. The best way to get your employees living that healthy life is by providing incentives to keep them on track. Speaking of keeping things on track- your employees can track and record the rewards they receive for getting up and making strides towards a healthier lifestyle.

Here are just a few more ways that our health products affiliate program online portal benefits your employees:

  • Smartphone App

  • Fitness and Nutrition Dashboard

  • Weekly Recipe and Grocery Lists

  • Wellness Newsletter

  • Device/App Integration

If you want more information on our Broker Program contact Wellworks For You Today at 1-800-425-4657.

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