Oh no! Not another lecture on holiday diet tips. Is one glass of champagne and a slice of pie really going to do damage to your health? One glass, one slice—no, but what about all the single servings spread over a half dozen holiday parties? Will these foods and drinks disrupt your health routine?

Don’t worry. In lieu of a lecture, simply try implementing a few holiday healthy eating tips that will allow you to partake in the festivities without compromising your health goals or wellness wins.

Embrace Holiday Healthy Eating Tips This Season

Studies show that, in terms of holiday weight gain, the average person only gains one pound between November and the New Year. So, the problem isn’t so much packing on pounds as it is falling out of healthy routines. The holidays may invite stress and food indulgences, not to mention decrease the amount of time you have for your typical fitness routines and regimens.

In an effort to maintain mindful eating during the holidays, here’s a few practical and easily-implemented holiday healthy eating tips to try:

  • Don’t Skip Meals
    Skipping meals may be a tempting tactic in an effort to compensate for extra holiday delights. However, experts strongly suggest not doing this. Withholding meals generally puts the body in starvation mode, causing partygoers to overindulge later on holiday goodies.
  • Be Choosey
    The holiday season offers a smorgasbord of high-calorie, sugary, fatty foods. Deprivation isn’t necessary, and, like skipping meals, doing so can ultimately lead to overeating. Instead, be intentional about what you choose to eat. Pick small amounts of your holiday favorites and enjoy!
  • Embrace Vegetables
    A crunchy salad, fresh green bean dish, and sliced tomatoes can help squelch the desire to overeat. Begin holiday feasting with vegetables before diving into one of your favorite, higher-calorie dishes. Chances are the veggies will help you feel fuller and less likely to want to pile your plate.
  • Alternate With Water
    Water is nature’s elixir for many health issues and temptations. Alternating water with holiday spirits will not only help you feel physically better the day after a party; it will also prevent alcohol calories from sticking with you. In addition, increasing your water intake will make you feel fuller and prevent idle snacking.
  • Forgive but Don’t Forget
    If you happen to hit the buffet too hard or overindulge on liquid calories, don’t punish yourself! Instead, forgive yourself for your perfectly natural cravings—we all have them from time to time. Just keep in mind the yucky way you felt afterwards, so you will be less likely to “go there” again.

Looking for More Healthy Holiday Tips

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