Healthy Ideas For Lunches At Work

Let’s face it sometimes it seems like your workplace is out to sabotage your diet. The cafeteria has fried foods that make you weak in the knees, and your cubicle buddy always has a candy stash within arms reach.   Wellworks For You cares about your health and wellness so we have some healthy ideas for lunches at work.  

Inspiration and Ideas For Lunches At Work

ideas for lunches at workGet inspired to eat healthier by ditching the brown bag. If you’re brown bagging it to work everyday that can seem a little uninspiring. Buy the Bento box style lunch boxes, and reimagine what lunch can look like. Another way to be successful when planning to eat healthier at work is by meal prepping. Meal prepping helps you stay on track and avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy eating.  Another way to stay on track and encouraged is with our Corporate Lunch and Learns where we talk about the benefits of healthy lunches in your workplace.

Keep your lunches interesting by changing it up a few days at a time. Eating the same thing everyday can get you stuck in a rut, and have you heading for the vending machine and those greasy potato chips.  Here are a few ideas for lunches at work:

  1. Fiesta Chopped Salad  –  Lettuce, avocado, black beans, corn, onions, and tomatoes. If you’re wanting a little more protein throw some chicken in with it, and serve with a low-fat Cilantro Lime Ranch Dressing.
  2. Protein Burger – Cut back on your carbs by wrapping your burger in a butter leaf lettuce.. You can put all the fixings you want, and not only cut back on your carbs but your calories too. Serve with baked sweet potato fries.
  3. Wrap it Up – Everything is better in a wrap. Wrap your favorite chicken salad, or your favorite lunch meets and serve with some fruit on the side.

If you need more inspiration on how to eat healthy at work contact Wellworks For you today at 800.425.4657.

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