Healthy and Effective Diet Tips

With 2/3 of American adults estimated to be overweight, weight loss and dieting is a common topic to hear being talking about around the office (2). 1/3 of American adults are considered obese, which means that they have more body fat than is safe for their health (2). With the new year quickly approaching, many of your co-workers may choose weight loss or healthier eating as their resolution for next year. If you’re considering going on a diet, it’s important to do your research first and look up safe diet tips. Losing weight too quickly is not good for your body or your health, and the results of quick fix diets don’t usually last. Some people even gain all the weight they lost back, plus tips

Some of the best diet tips we have come across are all about doing it in a healthy and sustainable way. First, think about your newfound resolve to lose weight as a lifestyle change and not just as a short-term diet, which never last. If you can commit to making small but important lifestyle decisions along the way, you will lose the weight you want and stay healthy. Second, aim for slow but steady weight loss. Losing 1-2 lbs per week is a perfect way to consistently lose weight, but not overwhelm yourself or your body as it changes. Don’t come up with an unrealistic weight loss goal in a short amount of time. Give yourself time to make a lifestyle change and see results.

There are many dieting tips out there, but anyone on a diet needs some extra support. Share your personal goals with your friends and family. Ask them to encourage you and keep you on the right track when you’re feeling unmotivated or like quitting. They’ll help you accomplish your goals successfully.

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