4 Benefits of a Corporate Health Screening Test

The average American company spends 7.8% of its operating budget on employee health care every year.

This amounts to a great deal of money. Don’t get us wrong, of course–employee health care is an essential company expenditure of utmost importance. Nothing should be prioritized over the health and well-being of your workers.

But what if you could look after your employees’ best interests and simultaneously reduce those costs? Introducing corporate programs that emphasize prevention of diseases and unhealthy lifestyle do just that. Prevention-focused corporate wellness programs include things like activity incentive programs and smoking cessation programs. Let’s take a look at one of the most effective preventative programs available to companies: health screening tests.

Protection Through Prevention

health screening testCorporate
health screening tests involve bringing nurses and physicians onsite to evaluate the health of your employees; these screenings allow health risks to be detected and preventable diseases to be addressed and treated before taking effect.

Let’s look at four key benefits of a corporate health screening test:

  1. Prevention
    Having such health elements as blood pressure, cholesterol, and biometrics regularly evaluated by a physician can help your employees to prevent diseases and stay informed on the choices they need to make to get and stay healthy.
  2. Corporate Savings
    With many of the most costly diseases being preventable, the investment you make in preventative health screening tests will be translated into major savings in employee health care.
  3. Decreased Absenteeism
    Preventable diseases don’t just cause increased employee health care expenditures; they also cause increased employee absenteeism and valuable time lost to sick days. Decrease absenteeism with preventative health measures.
  4. Convenience
    Health screenings from Wellworks bring screening resources and trained physicians right to your workplace.

Health screening tests are one of the most effective measures you can take to protect the long-term health of your employees–and save company money in the process. To learn more about our convenient, professional screening services, contact Wellworks For You today!