How Health Screening Guidelines Can Put You On The Right Track

Every now and again it’s important to visit your doctor for a routine exam to make sure that your health is in the shape that you need it to be – and if you are in need of any treatment, you can be prepared and get the care you need.

How does Wellworks For You bring your employees the care they need, as well as with implementing health screening guidelines that help make them feel comfortable with caring for their health? We’re happy you asked.

health screening guidelinesWellworks For You provides a program known as the Know Your Number Assessment. The Know Your Number Assessment walks hand in hand with a health screening and health screening guidelines that help keep you aware of the care that you may need. This assessment is based on Synthesis Analysis™: a patented analytics methodology that incorporates an individual’s biometric values, clinical measurements, questionnaire data and the latest clinical research.

At the end of your assessment, we will provide you with the Know Your Number Chronic Disease Risk Summary that:

  • Graphically communicates 9 chronic disease risks including CHD, stroke, diabetes, CHF, lung, colon, breast and prostate cancer.
  • Provides a customized risk reduction plan.
  • Addresses ethnicity.
  • Graphically relays disease-specific modifiable risks for awareness.
  • Provides age and gender-matched risk comparisons.
  • Addresses both wellness and disease management.

Our Know Your Number Assessment also comes in multiple languages, and no need for software purchase because this is provided for you and your employees online 24/7 through our Wellness Portal.

For more information on our Know Your Number Assessment and other programs available to keep you and your employees on the top of their health game, you can give us a call at 800-425-4657, or contact us online.

No matter how big or small your need is – Wellworks For You will be with you the whole way through.