The Health Risk Assessment Example That All Companies Need

Developing a quality corporate wellness program requires evidence that points to the needs of a given workplace or individual. In other words, not all corporate wellness programs are equal. Some suppose that it is meeting the needs of its constituents, while completely ignoring the main cause of healthcare costs in that company. Workplace wellness programs can decrease the costs accrued by a company by up to 75% according to the most recent statistics, but in order to do that, the program must be based on evidence. What kind of evidence do programs use? A very effective mode for gathering data is a health risk assessment. Consider this health risk assessment example: Health Risk Assessment Example

A diabetic health risk assessment example might take the employee’s blood for analysis as one way to determine risk for diabetes. Other aspects of the assessment could include questions about lifestyle, such as what types of food you normally eat, your sugar intake for the day, etc.

A health risk assessment will generally do several things, including assessment of your all-around health status, estimate your risk level for common diseases and medical problems, and give feedback so that participants can take a targeted approach to their own healthcare.

Biometrics are a central aspect of Wellworks For You’s wellness programming. Our assessments utilize cutting-edge technology to import data directly into employees’ electronic health risk assessment pages. The streamlined process decreases time spent on recording so that employees can get on with the most important thing: Being as healthy as they can be!

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