Health Fairs Can Help Your Company

Most forward thinking corporations in this day and age understand the benefits of implementing a comprehensive wellness program for their staff. Everyone from executives to entry-level employees experience stress and distraction over the various health concerns they face throughout their corporate career. Wellness programs at work can help take that stress away by offering helpful, educational and interactive experiences and activities. Health fairs are one popular component of many company wellness programs.

Wellworks for You exists to help companies implement and manage their corporate wellness programs. We do this by providing the framework and resources for a wide variety of events and activities, such as pedometer programs, company wellness publications, smoking cessation programs and health fairs. When it comes to putting on a health fair, many businesses choose to do one per year. Depending on the situation, some of these events are done on a business day and are open only to employees while others are held on a weekend and families are invited too. Some companies even like to choose a specific theme for their fair. Whatever your business decides, Wellworks for You can accommodate your specific needs and wants and put on a wonderful event for you.

We’ve been in the wellness management industry for years and we’ve developed great relationships with major vendors around the U.S. Tell us what kinds of information and services you’d like to see at your health fairs and we’ll organize it all from start to finish. In addition to basic screenings and assessments, you may want to bring in health coaches or nutritionist or even a massage therapist. The goal is always to put on an event that will attract alot of participation and encourage employees to learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Every wellness program (including health fairs) that your company is able to offer your employees will prove to be highly beneficial in the long run when your business is able to save costs of health care and absenteeism.

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