Corporate wellness programs are now offered by many major companies across a wide variety of industries. These programs can lower healthcare costs by providing wellness tools, educational resources, and online health portals. In addition to these options, many wellness programs have helped companies by matching their employees with a health coach. Wellness programs that utilize the services of health coaches often have higher rates of participation and a host of additional benefits.

Five Ways a Health Coach Can Help Employees Strive Toward Wellness

Employees may be interested in participating in a corporate wellness program but unsure of how to proceed. In order to effectively make lifestyle changes, some people may prefer a professional source of guidance. A health coaching program provides encouragement and support to work toward a healthy lifestyle.

Matching employees with a health coach provides the practical, emotional, and mental support necessary to commit to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, both in and out of work.

Health coaches empower employees by guiding them in:

  • Setting personal health and wellness goals
  • Creating appropriate and lasting routines to help achieve goals
  • Providing nutrition and fitness information and resources
  • Serving as a source of accountability
  • Helping establish healthy stress management tools

How Does a Health Coach Boost ROI?

Health coaches encourage and motivate employees to actively participate in and remain committed to employee wellness programs. Employees who maintain their involvement in a corporate wellness program:

  • health coachReduce their risk of modifiable chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • Contribute to improved workplace morale
  • Decrease workplace absenteeism

Employers also yield additional health benefits such as workers compensation and lower healthcare costs. The healthier your employees become, the better your ROI will be.

Although elements of employee wellness programs such as wellness challenges, health fairs, and preventative screenings have been shown to provide many of the benefits listed above, it’s important to remember that modern health coaches do more than simply guide employees toward better health.

Health coaches can also, if permitted by employees, communicate with their healthcare providers. This ensures a continuity of care above and beyond simply having an accountability source. It is important to remember that health coaches serve as universal wellness mentors; they are experts in fitness, nutrition, stress management, and a variety of other health-related areas.

Wellworks For You Health Coaching Options

One of the exciting aspects of health coaching through Wellworks For You is that we not only specialize in matching employees with the perfect health coach, but we also have several structural options for health coaching, which include:

  • Onsite Health Coaching
    A certified health coach comes to your workplace to provide one-on-one private sessions. Personal sessions include discussions and strategies in weight management, nutrition, screening results, stress management, and other wellness areas specific to the needs of the individual employee. Pricing is determined by the quantity and frequency of onsite health coaches per year.
  • Telephonic Health Coaching (Incentivized Inbound)
    Participants schedule sessions via the Wellness Portal and complete a certain number of calls to earn credit towards your program’s wellness incentive structure. Pricing is determined by the number of expected coaching calls per year.
  • Telephonic Health Coaching (Risk Management Strategy)
    Baseline or comparison data is required prior to customizing a structured risk-management strategy. This coaching option is only available when used in conjunction with the Know Your Number Assessment or other risk assessment tool. Again, pricing is determined based on the number of expected coaching calls per year.

If you would like to learn more about what a health coach can do for your employees and workplace, consult the leading corporate health coaching matchmakers! Contact a Wellworks For You expert here or call us anytime at 800-425-4657.