Health and Wellness Services for Committed Companies

Health and wellness services are often offered as part of the company package to employees to offer educational and organizational activities to support employee health. The corporate wellness industry specializes in designing activities that are particular to company needs, using evaluation instruments such as wellness assessments in order to determine appropriate types of health and wellness services.

What are the benefits?

 health and wellness servicesThe benefits of health and wellness services are many, and can be measured in terms of medical improvement as well as general quality of life and company satisfaction.

You will find that participation in these programs can help your employees lose weight and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Positive effects are improvement in sleep and higher energy levels. When the program involves group activities and employees enjoy participating, camaraderie and team spirit can be built, bringing a more positive energy to your workplace.

How to get employees to participate?

To ensure the positive reception of your new programs, it’s essential that you make participation strictly voluntary. When they can get health and wellness services for free, employees are much more likely to go for it! According to a survey by Corporate Wellness 365, 90% of workers that participated in an activity did it again—and 1/3 of these continued doing so regularly! It’s a good idea to provide positive incentives, and get creative in finding ways to make corporate wellness program participation appealing.

Where can I get these health and wellness services?

To begin with a free assessment of your company needs today, contact Wellworks For You at 800.425.4657.

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