Health and Wellness Programs That Work

Did you know that employees whose companies institute wellness programs tend to be more satisfied with their work experience and more likely to stay at the company longer? Employee retention is just one positive benefit of implementing such programs in the workplace. In addition, corporations can expect to have a great return on their investment into health and wellness programs because in the long run, they’ll save on costs of health care, workers compensation and absenteeism.

There are many kinds of health and wellness programs that business can offer in the workplace. Many companies focus on education-based programs like corporate lunch and learns or even classes on specific health topics, such as nutrition. Other businesses feel that they’re efforts would best be spent running interactive programs like pedometer programs and health challenges for exercise and weight loss. Most companies decide on a combination of programs that will reach a wide range of individuals and encourage maximum participation.

If you’re interested in learning about how your company can take advantage of the many benefits associated with starting corporate health and wellness programs, give Wellworks for You a call today. For years, we’ve been helping companies like yours give their employees health programs and opportunities that make an impact and generate great ROI. Decide among a wide variety of many great programs and take advantage of the Wellworks for You custom backend software that allows your company to stay up to date with tracking and offer your employees personalized portal access to their own wellness accounts.

Implementing health and wellness programs has never been easier. With a professional management company by your side, you’ll experience the true impact that these programs can have. Companies all over the US are testifying that wellness programs are making company life more enjoyable and lively and are ultimately contributing to the financial health of their organization as well.

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