Have Happy Employees With An Interactive Wellness Program

Are you looking to implement an interactive wellness program but you don’t know where to start? Are you worried that your employees won’t utilize it? Wellworks For You wants you to know that we are here to help you every step of the way, and we will tell you why your employees will use our interactive wellness programs.

Interactive_Wellness_Program.htmlWhat Is An Interactive Wellness Program?

Wellworks For You takes techniques and methodology from a health belief model and blends it with a transtheoretical model to develop the wellness program that’s best for you.

We provide you with services such as:

Smoking Cessation
A 6-week Smoking Cessation Campaign will assist your employees to make a positive change in their health that will impact them for the rest of their lives. This program incorporates health coaching, interactive resources, onsite speakers and more.

Health Coaching
With our health coaching program, we will provide you with a personal health coach that will give you the advice and encouragement you need to keep you stepping in the right direction, everyday. You will receive advice on nutrition, stress and weight management, exercise and fitness, healthy on the go meals, blood pressure management, cholesterol management and more!

What Will An Interactive Wellness Program Do For You?

The real question is, what will an interactive wellness program do for your employees and your company’s production?

For starters, keeping your employees encouraged to be healthy will keep them in your office, reducing absenteeism. Reduced absenteeism leads to production! Did you know that employees with healthier lifestyles tend to be more productive than those who don’t enjoy their quality of life?

Wellworks For You has all the answers when it comes to happy, healthy employees. For more information on how Wellworks For You can change the morale of your company, give us a call today at 1-800-425-4657.

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