There is no doubt about the fact that happy and healthy employees make for a more positive and productive workplace. However, in our fast-paced society, many people lose the motivation it takes to continually make the healthy decisions that lead to overall well being. As an employer, you may be wondering how you can help those you work with to make the changes necessary to live, work, and feel better. While this is a noble goal, posting a flyer with nutrition advice, health tips, or other inspiration is not going to cut it; successful wellness programs are those which engage participants from beginning to end.

Wellworks Health and Wellness Blog: Beyond Nutrition Advice And Health Tips

Did you know that happy and healthy employees are more productive in the workplace? Healthy employees take fewer sick days and save their companies significant overhead. Unfortunately, in our fast-paced society, many people lose the motivation it takes to make consistent, healthy decisions and achieve overall wellness. This costs both employees and companies greatly.

As an employer, you may be wondering how you can help those you work with to live, work, and feel better. Simply distributing a flyer with workplace health tips or hanging an inspirational poster is not going to cut it. Successful wellness programs engage participants and move them to take action.

More Than Nutrition Advice, Health Tips, and Motivational Quotes

Whether it is a flyer in the breakroom featuring 10 good health tips for the workplace or an email about the latest trends in quick and healthy meals, these methodologies alone lack the key components of a successful wellness program. Helpful as they may be, these methods are passive and impersonal, rather than engaging each employee in a personalized and challenging way.

When paired with a customized wellness program, however, bulletins or emails containing nutrition advice, health tips, and more, can be a helpful reinforcement.

Health Tips Backed by Action Steps

Establishing an engaging and personalized program may sound a bit overwhelming, and if you had to create it from scratch, it might be. At Wellworks For You, we purposely created a fully-customizable platform, so you don’t have to. For example, our Wellness Portal allows employers and employees to initiate and manage a variety of engaging wellness options. This includes, but is not limited to (depending on the particular program):

  • Wellness Challenges via gamification technology with real-time leaderboards
  • Device/app data integration
  • Health risk assessments
  • Coach’s Corner health coaching dashboard
  • Fitness and nutrition dashboard
  • Incentive management capability
  • And more

Of course, this is but a portion of what the Wellness Portal and overall Wellworks For You corporate wellness programs offer.

Corporate wellness programs, like those offered by Wellworks For You, have shown a proven ROI. Ultimate success in wellness in the workplace extends far beyond health tips requiring action, support, and encouragement. Our employee wellness program has what it takes to help your business to challenge participants and keep them engaged with the collective goal of acquiring and maintaining best health practices. The Wellworks For You platform can help you accomplish this goal, whether your company is large or small. Contact us today, 800-425-4657, and take your corporate wellness initiative from passive to powerful with Wellworks For You!