Go Around the World With a Corporate Pedometer Program!

Ever wanted to backpack across Europe? How about Australia? Wonder how long it would take you to walk across the United States? With Wellworks For You, now’s your chance! Well, in a way.

Corporate-PedometerWith our corporate pedometer program, you and your employees can track your steps as you virtually “travel” the globe. We’ve teamed up with Fitbit and Omron, which–together with our smartphone app–makes it easy to track your fitness. Our interactive pedometer program, WellTrek, offers “walking routes” across the United States, Europe, Africa, and Australia!  Participants can track their progress and take in the sights via satellite imaging.

Short of having a personal trainer following you around all day, yelling at you to run faster, simply tracking your activity on a pedometer may be the best motivation out there. Studies have shown that setting a “step goal” and tracking progress with a pedometer helps sedentary people stay more active throughout the day. Many people see significant improvements in weight loss, body fat, and cholesterol levels in just eight weeks.

Incorporating a corporate pedometer challenge into your wellness program is a great way to provide employees with a sense of progress, while encouraging a little friendly competition at the same time. Set either individual or office wide goals, and offer helpful tips to help your employees meet their daily step.

“Get Your Steps In!” Corporate Pedometer Program Tips:

  • Be social! Invite friends and family to join you on walks instead of sitting and eating or watching TV. Looking for pedometer challenge ideas? Create a walking club and meet for quick walks on your lunch break or longer routes on the weekends.
  • When running errands or parking at work, choose a space at the far end of the parking lot. Chances are there will be a lot of spaces available, and you will get valuable steps in!
  • Shake it up! If you find yourself a little short on steps, but don’t want to walk the halls, turn up the radio and dance for a few minutes!
  • If you have a dog, take him on longer, more frequent walks when you have time. You will both benefit! If you don’t have a dog, borrow one from a friend once and awhile. Puppy snuggles and exercise all in one!
  • We hate to say it, but cleaning is actually great exercise. If you are a little short of pedometer program daily goal, try sweeping the kitchen! You’ll get your steps in and have a clean house to boot.

Looking to start a corporate pedometer program in your own workplace? Contact Wellworks For You today and get walking!

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