Get Outside and Get Moving With 4 Easy Summer Fitness Challenge Ideas!

In the dead of winter, it can be difficult to come out of hibernation long enough to be active. But in the summer – with the sun shining and the flowers blooming and the birds singing – well, that’s a different story. You’re probably itching to get outside and get moving!

Get-Fit-ChallengeIt’s the perfect time to start thinking of some great Fitness Challenge ideas for the summer to get the whole office in better shape, as well as making the most of the beauty of the season. Aim to allot time for you and your employees to be outside as much as possible to take advantage of the beautiful weather – there is plenty of time for inside exercise in February!

Fun Fitness Challenge Ideas to Enjoy Summer to the Fullest:

  • Leave the Office: If your workplace has any outdoor space, try holding meetings outside. Hold lunch breaks in nearby parks, encourage employees to spend some of their break time relaxing and observing nature. Studies have shown that spending time outside restores mental energy, reduces stress, and improves concentration and creativity. Plus, it beats being cooped up in the office!
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking enough water is important any time of year, but especially in the hot, humid summer months. Avoid wasteful plastic water bottles; rather, consider gifting each employee a reusable water bottle, and provide a pitcher of filtered water in the staff fridge. Raise the stakes and turn hydration into a fitness challenge by having everyone take note when they meet their daily water intake goal.
  • Take a Field Trip: Encourage healthy eating by taking a field trip to a local farmer’s market if it’s held during working hours. If not, offer “produce vouchers” as an incentive for your employees to go on their own time and load up on fresh, nutrient rich, local fruits and veggies.
  • Step to It! Hosting a Pedometer Program is a tried and true office Fitness Challenge idea. Wellworks For You offers a virtual program that allows participants to “walk across the globe” and “sightsee” in Europe, Africa, Australia and beyond!

When it comes to fun summer Fitness Challenge ideas, your creativity is your only limit. This list has barely scratched the surface – for more ideas or help implementing a wellness program at your workplace, contact Wellworks For You today!