Fresh Employee Health Challenge Ideas

What is a Health Challenge?

An employee health challenge is a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle at work and a better atmosphere of teamwork. A health challenge is an activity that helps engage your employees in a fun and energizing way. The best way to form a health challenge is to have your workplace wellness committee brainstorm some ideas and then start implementing them. It’s very important that the leadership of the company participate as well to encourage 100% participation. You can choose to have one wellness challenge that goes all year, or you could start a new one every quarter. You could even do a new one every month to keep engagement levels high.

 employee health challengeNew Employee Health Challenge Ideas

You can categorize different employee health challenge ideas into physical, nutritional, emotional growth, and work related categories. Some fun ideas include: sharing lunch with a coworker, drinking 32 oz. of water every day, volunteering at a community event, reading a new book, sharing healthy meal recipes with coworkers, avoiding sugar and other junk food, eating more fruits and veggies, going to the gym a few times a week, a “step” challenge where coworkers track their daily steps, tracking a daily calorie count, walking lunches or meetings, walking or biking to work, or making sure to eat breakfast.

How to Put a Challenge into Practice

In order to put on an employee health challenge successfully, you need to make sure to reward effort. Challenges can be based on progress instead of lofty goals. The key is to encourage everyone towards better health, not add something they can’t realistically accomplish to their to-do list. Make sure to incorporate rewards into the employee health challenges. It’s great to foster a sense of competition among your employees, but make sure to emphasize that safety is key.

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