Four Top Notch Wellness Incentives for Employees

It’s no secret – when you feel good, you enjoy life more.

Everything is a little easier, and there is a little bit more pleasure in all your daily interactions. You work harder, you laugh louder, you sing more, you connect on a deeper level with others, you love more passionately. We all want the healthy buzz of a balanced mind, body, and soul. But how can you help your employees get on track towards a healthy lifestyle?

Here are some wellness incentives for employees

  1. Wellness Incentives for EmployeesContests   A healthy competitive streak can shake up old habits and get your employee motivated to run one more mile or pass on that second helping of chocolate cake. Why not do a walking challenge and see who walks the most? Working in teams or individually, this could be a great way to get your employees motivated and feeling great.
  2. Affirmations   Making healthy lifestyle changes can difficult. Old habits and temptations creep around every corner to catch you when your guard is down. Keep note of employees who are making those lifestyle changes and affirm them in what they are doing. Make sure to recognize them, either verbally or with a colorful certificate, for the changes they are actively making in their life style.
  3. Public recognition   Make sure your employees feel special and noticed for participating in these wellness incentives. Give a shout out during a meeting, or put up a list of determined employees making changes to their lives.
  4. Vacation days   Want to incentivize your employees to do wellness programs? Set up a challenge where whoever attends more wellness programs, gets a day off.

Want to hear more? Get in touch with us now, we can’t wait to share more wellness incentives for  employees!

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