Why Foods For Heart Health Are So Important

Healthy people need healthy hearts. At least, that’s what the main priority in living a healthy lifestyle should be. For many of us, living healthy is more about losing weight and getting toned. In reality – although those 2 goals are good to have – the most important goal is to have a healthy, functioning body. The best way to transform our body is to watch what we eat.

That’s why Wellworks For You would like to get you started on the right track with our specialized recipes and educational resources on foods for heart health, preventable disease management and more.

What Makes Food So Important?

Everything that we consume affects us. Whether the taste sends us to the moon, we have to make sure that we’re making a conscious & positive decision to improve our health with every bite we take.

Let’s take a look at foods that make a positive impact on your heart – and why.

healthy_eating_SEO_716The easiest way to understand what foods are healthy for you, is to eat foods that are natural and unprocessed. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are a great place to start! You will find vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables, including amino acids which altogether help your heart pump efficiently. These foods are low in fat and sodium – but high in fiber.

Keeping these foods out of your body will prolong your life and keep you feeling great!

We all know that processed foods can be the worst for you. Be careful to stay away from foods that are high in salt and fats. Saturated fat can raise your cholesterol, increasing your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Limiting your intake of fatty meats, poultry skin and whole milk dairy products will help keep you from too much saturated fat.

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