By now it is obvious to most employers that providing a corporate wellness program will give them a competitive edge.  What is less obvious is which wellness program will provide an effective, personalized and comprehensive wellness solution that yields lasting results. While many health insurance plans now offer wellness programs, it is important to know the difference between these types of programs and standalone wellness programs offered through reputable companies, such as Wellworks For You.  A successful wellness solution has the potential to improve employee morale, identify and decrease population risk factors, lower healthcare costs, and more.  But there are several components that determine whether a wellness program will ultimately yield these positive outcomes.  Read on to learn some of these most important aspects, and how a standalone company, such as Wellworks For You offers more comprehensive services than other wellness solutions.

1. Technology and Innovation

The technology used by a wellness company can drastically enhance or impair the user experience and the integrity of a wellness solution.  Wellness programs offered through insurance companies may provide a one-dimensional wellness portal, but the available tools and resources may be simplistic, general and impersonal.  The technology may also stay the same year after year, with little to no upgrades or enhancements.

By contrast, Wellworks For You provides innovative technology and continuous upgrades to our platform and products to ensure that employee participation is effortless and enjoyable.  Wellworks provides a secure, private labeled portal that equips each of their clients with a company-specific, branded website and mobile application.  Each client’s Wellness Portal houses all relevant wellness program information, which may include incentive progress, gamification dashboards, device and app integration, health assessments, a health coaching dashboard, and more.  When a company partners with Wellworks For You to create a wellness program, they can customize everything from informative portal banners, announcements and links, to specific program forms, documents, and videos that their employees can access in the Wellness Toolbox. The administrative side of the system also provides employers with comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities related to their company’s wellness program.  

2. Account Management and Support

Wellness programs offered through insurance companies may provide support when it comes to the setup of the program, but most of the implementation process is usually left to the employer.  In terms of ongoing support, most of the promoting, tracking, marketing, and other program maintenance responsibilities typically falls to an internal team member, such as Human Resources Representative, or a volunteer Wellness Champion.  There may or may not be any support regarding general program questions, troubleshooting the technology, etc.

A standalone wellness solution offers ongoing and comprehensive support and account management. Wellworks For You provides a dedicated wellness team to handle the day to day operation of all levels of the wellness program; including program design, marketing, communication strategies, fielding questions from the members, and more.  This removes the administrative burden of having a wellness program while providing a custom experience for the members and keeping with the goals of your company.

3. Program Strategies and Support

A healthy lifestyle is achieved through an array of important factors, including a nutritious diet, appropriate amounts of exercise, financial wellness, mental and emotional health, stress management, weight management, and more. Insurance plans often offer wellness programs that only focus on one or two of these niche topics, and with no regard to the company’s demographics.  While these programs may seem useful on the surface, their limited scope can lead to a disjointed overall wellness experience for participants. Encompassing all these factors into one cohesive wellness program can be instrumental in encouraging lasting behavior change.

When providing a wellness solution, Wellworks For You looks to provide a full range of services, rather than only focusing on one wellness objective.  To do this, it is also important to bring multiple programs together based on a company’s population, risk factors needs and objectives, including physical and mental well-being. By providing one-on-one health coaching, individual member dashboards and habit trackers, the MindQ Mental Health Assessment, the Know Your Number Health Assessment, and many other program customizations, Wellworks For You delivers a one-stop wellness solution for the company and the members.

4. Marketing and Campaigns

As previously noted, with wellness programs connected to insurance companies, the time and effort it takes to fully market and promote the program will be taken out of the days of employees or volunteer team members.  Some of these wellness programs may provide a library of standard marketing materials that can be downloaded and used throughout the year.  However, like the program itself, these materials may not be tailored to match the brand and goals of the company. If messaging is provided through these programs, it may only be general information and program reminders throughout the year.

Rather than handing off generic or general marketing materials that can be used from one client to the next, Wellworks For You provides specialized marketing materials for each of its clients. Included in the support of the Wellworks For You team, we provide customized marketing materials that match the look and feel of each individual company.  This includes logo, color scheme, and program specific content.  We also build campaigns and tailor our communications to specific members through our targeted communications platform.  We may target individuals based on member specific incentive progress, outstanding activities to be completed, age/gender, or biometric screening results.  Flexible methods of communications are based on the demographics and preferences of a company’s population.  These can include email, text, portal banners, portal pop-up messages, videos, flyers, home mailers, and more. At Wellworks, we understand that your employees are very busy and many suffer from information overload, so we go to great lengths to ensure your employees receive only the most relevant, engaging, and useful communications at appropriate times. 

5. Reporting Capabilities

Efficient reporting capabilities are among the most important aspects of managing and gauging the effectiveness of a worksite wellness program. It can be difficult to receive reports based on eligibility, participation, engagement, etc. with some wellness programs offered through insurance companies.  Wellworks For You provides on-demand reporting regarding website statistics, incentive eligibility, aggregate biometric baseline and cohort data, aggregate future risks, and more.  Our administrative side of the Wellness Portal also gives employers the ability to run most of these reports instantly.

In a world where worksite wellness has become a household term, it is important to be aware of your options before choosing a program for your company. Your employees are the heart and soul of your company.  If you want to support them in living healthy, happy and productive lives both in and out of work, standalone wellness programs offer a much wider array of services than programs offered through health insurance carriers.  If you are looking for a comprehensive program that helps employees learn about their health status and arms them with tool and resources to improve their health, look no further than Wellworks For You.