4 Practical Fitness Incentive Program Ideas to Increase Participation

Whether you’re trying to introduce a fitness program into your workplace, a community, or a social group, there’s a lot to collectively gain from organized exercise and activity.

But without the proper level of organization–and the right incentives–even the best fitness program can fizzle out before your eyes. You need effective fitness incentive program ideas  at your disposal: ideas that have been proven to increase participation and to encourage even the most unmotivated members of your workplace or social group to take part and stick with it.

And, as you’ll quickly find out, many people will display a remarkable lack of motivation when confronted with anything that involves the word “fitness”. That’s why the health and wellness experts at Wellworks For You have created this list of practical fitness incentive program ideas to help your fitness program take off and succeed.

Tips for a Successful Fitness Program

These four tips have been demonstrated to encourage committed participation in fitness incentive programs.

  • fitness incentive program ideasProvide fitness resources
    Many individuals do not have the equipment, clothing, or tools needed for fitness activity. Providing these resources can encourage broader participation.
  • Pick the right incentive
    Many of your participants will ultimately be participating for selfish reasons–so think about potential participants and what motivates them, then introduce an incentive that reflects it.
  • Be time and schedule-conscious
    If your program is overly time-consuming, many individuals will not be able to participate. Ensure that time commitments are moderate, or provide work-time for relevant activities.
  • Track progress
    Tracking progress with apps, websites, and equipment (such as pedometers) encourages and motivates participants.

Utilizing the experience, expertise, and resources of professional fitness program managers will likewise maximize participation and program success. Wellworks can help you to implement these fitness incentive program ideas and others; we have extensive experience in fitness incentive programs and can help to manage and sustain yours. To learn more, contact Wellworks For You today!