Tired of the same old fitness challenge ideas? Although many workplace wellness challenge ideas are loaded with the best intentions, they may not always meet the expectations of employees. Today’s employee wants motivation, support, and customization in workplace health and wellness. To help increase the likelihood of employee participation in workplace wellness programs, it may be time to come up with new health and fitness challenge ideas.

Seven Health and Fitness Challenge Ideas To Fire Up The Workplace

Ideally, the best fitness challenges designed for the workplace should last between one week and one month. Adding a reward can boost the number of participants in the challenge, which in turn can build a strong sense of camaraderie.

  1. Power Plank Challenge
    In the current world of fitness “planks are the new black.” While offering a variety of options—forearm planks, side planks, plank up-downs, and more—planks also work out the abs, build full-body strength and increase endurance, making them a perfect exercise for a workplace fitness challenge.
  2. 30-Day Yoga Challenge
    A pose a day keeps the doctor away, or at least that’s the hope! Yoga engages the core, encourages mind and body balance, and helps with focus. Build a progressive yoga challenge that begins with a five-minute routine, to ten minutes, and so on until you reach a full hour yoga session. Offer poses for the best employee yoga pose featured on Instagram.
  3. Healthy Habit Challenge
    It takes 30-days to change a habit. And, although habits can be hard to break, knowing others in the workplace are attempting to kick theirs can be very motivating.
  4. Charitable Cause Challenge
    Many charity-oriented challenges are fitness based, but to switch things up, implement a “snack give back” challenge. For every employee who swaps a soda for a bottle of water or a piece of fruit for a candy bar, the company will contribute to a designated charity.
  5. 30-Minute Walking Challenge
    Experts recommend walking a minimum of 30 minutes per day to receive the maximum physical benefits—a perfect chunk of time to take advantage of during a lunch break.
  6. First-to-Ten Weight-loss Challenge
    The first employee to lose 10 pounds wins the challenge! Both incentives and milestones can be highly customizable in this challenge.
  7. 100-K Step Challenge
    Rev up heart rates, motivation, and competitive camaraderie with a step challenge. Steps can be achieved by walking, running, or taking the stairs rather than the elevator.

More Fitness Challenge Ideas to Increase Participation and Overall Health

From offering a 30-day fitness challenge for beginners to helping established an all-levels

30-day fitness challenge plan, Wellworks For You can help. We provide a comprehensive selection of wellness challenges and programs to meet the specific needs of your company.

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