Wellworks For You, in Partnership with Concentus Wealth Advisors, will help you clear a path towards financial wellness all year long with the Financial Wellness University. Join us on Wednesday, February 17th at 2:00pm EST/ 11:00am PST for a webinar on personal planning.

Sign up today at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_D15f-eAoQrW1o0dHkH6NUQ

The mission of this program is to help you to develop a plan to achieve your personal financial freedom. Financial Freedom is defined as an income stream that you cannot outlive. The pursuit of this program is to help you to create a plan to achieve “Wealth”, which will produce that income stream for you. Although this may seem like an impossible goal, anything is possible with a little education and a lot of your own commitment.

Begin to outline your custom, written financial plan for achieving future financial freedom. This interactive session will help you to:

Create your vision of Financial Freedom

a) Create your desired “Freedom Date”, the time by which you hope to retire or semi-retire.

b) Calculate the amount of income you will need per year in retirement.

c) Calculate intermediate-term goals like college, purchase of a new home, etc.

Run Your Numbers

a) Basic calculations to understand where you stand today in comparison to your goals.

b) Learn how to calculate the savings plan you will need to execute in order to reach your goal by your desired date. c) Discuss the key “levers” you have which can impact your plan: Current savings rate, Asset allocation and assumed returns, desired retirement date and income.