With fall comes changing leaves and crisp air. Then, when the holidays roll around, there is plenty of turkey and all of the fixings. To help keep the pleasures of fall in balance, add a few fun fall fitness ideas to the mix. Instead of partaking in pies of plenty, how about attempting piling on the planks of many?

Five Fall Fitness Ideas to Fall in Love With

How do you keep from falling into a holiday food trap? Exercise can help curb the appetite, motivate you in maintaining health goals, and ramp up your endorphins during rainy days. Take a look at five fall fitness tips you’re bound to at least appreciate, if not altogether fall for.

  1. Aqua-Style HIIT Classes
    You may be familiar with the trending high-intensity interval training (HIIT) phenomenon, but how about HIIT for the pool? Many gyms are now offering this aqua-style full-body workout in indoor pools—perfect for dropping fall temps.
  2. Yoga with a Twist
    Yoga is beneficial as-is. It helps to stretch bunched-up muscles, regulate breathing, and build strength and balance in multiple areas of the body. The latest yoga trends incorporate weights, pilates movements, and even dance for a full-body workout—and leg warmers are optional.
  3. Dimensional Exercise
    Many experience some level of fall-time doldrums due to icky weather. To help spice things up and add a little extra fitness finesse, gyms are incorporating three-dimensional components to spin classes and other indoor exercises.
  4. Musical Inspiration
    You don’t have to belong to a gym to experience the benefits of musically-inspired exercise, although it’s probably much more fun to be in a group of drum-stick yielding exercisers. Drumming-style dance classes, in addition to being wildly fun, burn a tremendous amount of calories. Sounds like a perfect pre-Thanksgiving workout!
  5. Team-Based Fitness
    One of the best ways to revive your health and fitness efforts in the fall, especially for the workplace, is engaging in team-based fitness. Whether it’s a plank challenge, a fall-foliage outdoor walking program, or 30-minute yoga session during lunch, employees who have opportunities to workout together can serve as motivators, accountability partners, and sources of support for one another.

More Fall Workout Tips for the Workplace and Beyond

Fall is the perfect time to get a grasp on your fitness routine and overall well-being. At Wellworks For You, we routinely provide employee wellness programs that offer year-round fitness tips, in addition to fall workouts. We also provide nutritional guidance, Health Coaching, Wellness Challenges, and more. If your workplace wellness needs a new look, we can help!

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