Failing Corporate Wellness Goals? Try A Wellness Incentive Program

Intentions are usually good.  You intended to start the year off with vast improvements to your employees’ morale and their work environment, through the promotion of your corporate wellness programs.  And your employee certainly had good intentions of participating in this program thinking a little health improvement couldn’t hurt.  

wellness incentive programHowever, life just gets in the way. Sickness prohibits exercise.  Stress encourages old eating habits.  And eventually your employees (and maybe even you) are back to Friday nights at the bar and donuts for Thursday morning meetings to get you through.  

That’s why you may be in need of a wellness incentive program.  Don’t get this confused with your corporate wellness program.  Your corporate wellness program is the overarching program that you are using to bring a life change to your employees and therefore the benefits of less sick days, less workmen’s compensation, and more productivity.  This includes your initiatives to promote healthy eating, consistent exercise, stress management, and much more.  

Conversely, a wellness incentive program is designed to help you achieve your goals within your corporate wellness program.  There are a variety of wellness incentive programs that are available for use within your company.  Wellworks For You has explained a few for you, but your company certainly is not limited to these options!

The team at Wellworks For You is skilled at providing health incentive programs for your business with the unique personalities of  your employees and cultural environment of your business in mind.  

Here are just a few options that we can use to keep your corporate wellness program exceeding expectations the whole year round:

We applaud you for your initiative in establishing a corporate wellness program, and we want to help you succeed!  A wellness incentive program provides your employees with the motivation they need to continue on the road to personal success and better lives.

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