Employee Wellness Programs to Fit Your Company’s Needs

The benefits of employee wellness programs are catching the attention of companies around the world. Many employers have successfully introduced programs designed to keep their workplaces healthier, happier, and more productive, and the returns on their investment are undeniable. Not only are employees’ sick days reduced, but they are finding themselves able to be more focused and more punctual, and company morale is improving as a result. Lower insurance premiums are an obvious incentive for implementing these programs, but that motivation alone does not guarantee success. To make the most of a general wellness program at your company, consider the strategic approaches offered by Wellworks For You.employee wellness programs

Engagement is the Key to Successful Employee Wellness Programs

Rather than tasking Human Resources or another internal program with the responsibility of administrating your company’s wellness initiatives, many organizations are seeing great results from outside consultants with experience in corporate wellness programs. Our consultants will sit down with you on day one, working with you to design a company health initiative, taking into consideration a few important criteria and possibilities:

  • Determining the specific needs and culture of your company

  • Creating a health profile to identify problem areas related to diet, activity, and productivity

  • Exploring a variety of options that may be effective for your workforce: examples include Corporate Lunch & Learns, personalized Health Coaching, and Wellness Challenges

  • Developing a customized strategy for engaging your employees and sustaining the success of your company’s wellness program

Many companies see immediate results with their wellness initiatives, but they fail to sustain them because they do not effectively engage individuals and teams with the proper motivations and accountability. A successful employee wellness program includes a diverse set of approaches that are adaptable, educational, challenging, and fun. The key is to integrate your wellness goals with your company’s day-to-day activities and priorities in a way that everyone can balance.

Contact Wellworks For You to learn more about how our consultants can help you design a wellness initiative that can transform your company into a more productive and healthy workplace.

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