Employee Wellness Programs Statistics

Many businesses looking to add a corporate wellness program to their workplace seek programs that demonstrate high ROI, are beneficial to employees, and are diverse in overall program offerings.

employee wellness programs statistics

For example, according to an Aflac Workforce Report, overall employee medical costs decreased an estimated $3.27 per dollar spent on wellness programs at work. See what happened there? Hard data is crucial when making significant financial decisions, and wellness programs are no exception. Long after an employee wellness program has been implemented, an employer needs to access ongoing employee wellness programs statistics. And for good reason!

How Employee Wellness Programs Statistics Work

Once a company has implemented an employee wellness program to effectively gauge ROI and participation, there must be a component of data and analytics. This is one of the only true markers to indicate whether a program is working to its full potential as well as being able to discern what programs are being utilized most – and when.

Wellworks For You, for example, has fully-integrative program management reporting and support. Whenever an employer needs real-time data, it can be easily obtained, including:

  • Administrative information/access
  • Incentive management tracking
  • Comprehensive program reporting
  • Health data analytics

Within these categories, employers can assess employee participation in wellness challenges, fitness classes, health coaching, biometric screenings and much more.

The Proof is in the Numbers!

When it comes to and health and productivity in the workplace, think about this:

One study highlighted in the Harvard Business Review, revealed that in 6 year’s time, a particular company’s absenteeism was reduced by 80%, with savings up to $1.5 million … largely due to the incorporation of an employee wellness program.

Implementing a corporate wellness program is the first step to helping your employees visualize their health data and how it can work for them. Contact us today to learn more about employee wellness programs statistics how you can maximize company health and wellness.