Boost Engagement with these Stand-Out Wellness Program Ideas

So you’ve already implemented a wellness program at the office, and that’s great! But the key to any successful program can be measured in the engagement and health of its participants. It is easy for people to quickly become bored with a stale wellness routine, so it is important to regularly switch things up with new employee wellness program ideas.

employee wellness programIs your program designed to support every aspect of your office’s wellness? Does it feature easily implemented ideas and incentives? Are people excited to participate, or are you experiencing low rates of engagement? Check out this list of wellness ideas for the workplace, and use them to improve your current program – after all, even successful office wellness programs can always be made better!

Fun and Easy Workplace Wellness Ideas:



  • Create an office cookbook of favorite healthy recipes submitted by employees.
  • A popular workplace wellness tip – ditch vending machine junk for healthy alternatives like fresh fruit, nuts and veggie chips.
  • Hold a monthly healthy potluck lunch, consider having a guest chef to teach a new healthy recipe.
  • Skip the soda and stock the break room with fruit-infused waters and iced teas instead.
  • Encourage employees to grow gardens and exchange their fresh produce.


  • Sign up for local charity walks and runs, and participate as an office.
  • Host weekly or monthly yoga or zumba classes at the office.
  • One of the easiest office wellness activities is to turn meetings into “walking meetings.” If that’s not practical, “kick-off” meetings with a round of jumping jacks.
  • Announce a “one minute stretch” over the intercom every hour, to encourage employees to get up from their desks and loosen up tight muscles.
  • Hang signs at elevators reminding people that taking the stairs is the healthier choice!

When it comes to simple employee wellness program ideas, this is really just the tip of the iceberg! If you’d like to learn more ways to encourage healthy eating and activities at the office, gove Wellworks For You a call today!