Employee Retention Problems: No More

Have you been experiencing employee retention problems at your company? You’re not alone. In a competitive market where every bit of the profit margin counts, it’s often difficult to compensate employees as they want. Even if you’re paying them well, you might suffer from the malady of the revolving door. How do you stop that cycle? One solution is to offer them a benefit they won’t find somewhere else.

Employee Retention ProblemsWellworks For You was created because we believe that company cultures can be strengthened by incorporating wellness into the daily life and breath of the business. Our mission is to help employers lower medical costs to have the highest ROI possible, while giving employees a way to stay fit and healthy—while having fun doing it.

Employee retention problems are common when you don’t have a way to make yourself stand above the rest. If someone’s an accountant in your company, for example, how do you know that person won’t go to another company next year, where they will have a very similar job but only slightly different benefits? You can give that accountant a reason to stay with you when you bring in corporate wellness programs.

Essentially, corporate wellness programs address a variety of needs relating to the health of workers in a corporate setting. Educational programs, fitness regimens such as team competitions or individual workout activities using technological equipment, diagnostic testing for health risks, health coaching, and making healthful food available are all different types of programs that Wellworks For You can offer.

We want to help you solve your employee retention problems by bringing a package that is just too good to be beaten anywhere else. We hope this will help you retain your current employees and help you bring in new ones of high quality.

For more information, visit our programs page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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