The types of wellness programs implemented by businesses over the last decade have exploded. Why? According to a recent article, upwards of $225 billion is spent per year in employee-related illnesses and injuries—that’s $1,685 per employee. In addition to cost savings, a successful employee health program can also help improve the overall wellness and morale of employees, reduce absenteeism, and boost productivity (among other benefits). To ensure they’re enticing the health needs of employees and receiving the best ROI, companies are taking advantage of comprehensive, feature-driven corporate wellness programs.

Five Features of a Sample Wellness Program In Action

A recent story revealed that a mere 24-percent of employers felt that their employees were empowered to take ownership of their health. To help employees become more engaged, willing to participate, and invested in an employee health program, employers are doing their due diligence to find out what motivates employees in the area of health and wellness.

Here are a few key insights into what employers and employees consider attributes of the best workplace wellness programs:

  • Customizable, more personal experiences
  • Unique, and expanded financial incentives
  • Increased digital access and options

While some business-oriented wellness programs are playing catch up to fulfill the elements of an incredible, dynamic, multi-faceted employee health program, Wellworks For You already has comprehensive, customizable and fully-integrated program features that address the desires of both employer and employees.

Five Features of Wellworks For You Employee Health Programs

Wellworks For You offers a diverse variety of programs and services to encourage the involvement of employees for businesses large and small. From advanced technology offerings and program management to preventative screenings and health coaching, there is something to entice everyone.

Take a look at five must-have features of employee wellness programs:

1. Wellness Portal

To accommodate the desire for customization and personalization, the Wellworks For You online Wellness Portal enables:

  • Employee-Health-Program Private-labeled, employee branding capability
  • Programs and events calendar
  • Incentive tracking
  • Fitness and nutrition dashboard
  • Device/App Integration
  • And much more!
2. Telemedicine Access

Employees want convenience. They can have it with Wellworks For You 24/7 telemedicine access to physicians, pediatricians, and board-certified specialists (in all 50 states).

3. Incentive Management

To meet the growing wish list of possible incentives for reaching health and wellness milestones, the Wellworks For You incentive management program can be customized into points-based, monetary-based, outcomes-based, tiered incentive programs, and participatory incentives to meet the specific needs of your business.

4. Health Coaching

To help provide employees with the accountability they crave, businesses can opt for onsite health coaching and telephonic health coaching.

5. Wellness Challenges

Features like real-time leaderboards, custom challenge goals, team and individual challenges, employers can help motivate employees with various types of wellness challenges and employees have more activities and options to choose from.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to implement a comprehensive employee health program to increase your ROI, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the overall wellness of your employees and workplace, contact us now by calling 800-425-4657.