3 Great Ideas For Employee Fitness Incentive Programs

Sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to encourage people to make positive lifestyle choices.

You can’t count on all your employees working to stay healthy on their own time–but implementing a workplace employee fitness incentive program can give them the extra encouragement they need to get in shape.

That’s why employee fitness incentive programs are so beneficial; they offer a unique, healthy opportunity for your employees. And healthy employees have been proven to be more productive, positive, and efficient. Creating a company culture of wellness can therefore create a more positive and productive overall workplace.

But your program will only be a success if it effectively encourages participation and creates real results. Check out these three fun, proven ideas for program brainstorming inspiration.

  • employee fitness incentive programsWeight Loss Program
    Weight loss incentive programs are a workplace health program classic. Set an ambitious goal for weight loss for the entire company, or allow individual departments to compete against each other to add an element of friendly competition. Goals can likewise be set for individual employees based on target weights.
  • Healthy Living Checklist
    Create a checklist of healthy choices your employees can make, then see who can successfully, consistently take up the most checklist items over a given timeframe–and, of course, offer incentive prizes to the employee who fulfills the most items on the list. Featured healthy lifestyle choices may include biking to work, eating vegetarian, drinking six cups of water daily, walking a mile daily, cutting sugary drinks from one’s diet, always taking the stairs rather than the elevator, etc..
  • Pedometer Walking Program
    Walking programs are great, proven employee fitness incentive programs that deliver results. Simply distribute pedometers (with progress tracking software and apps), then oversee competition between your employees to see who can introduce the most walking activity into their daily lives.

Whatever employee fitness incentive programs you ultimately decide to implement in your workplace, Wellworks can help. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure that your fitness incentive program takes off and succeeds. To learn more, contact Wellworks For You today!