Effective Wellness Plans for the Corporate Environment

When companies look at the high cost of providing health care policies for their employees, many turn to corporate wellness programs as a means of reducing those costs. Effective wellness plans can truly make an impact for corporations who want to invest in their employees health and save money in the process. For these forward thinking businesses, wellness programs prove to be a positive step towards creating a more lively, more engaged work environment and towards saving money that would otherwise go to worker’s comp and health care costs.

Wellness PlansWellness plans can range in focus, length and scope. Many companies choose to start their programs with a standard health screening or a corporate-wide biometric testing day. This allows decision-makers to begin the planning with the statistics already in-hand. If a large proportion of your staff is particularly susceptible to heart disease, then you will want to specifically address that health concern throughout the elements of your wellness program. Some wellness plans are ongoing and others are planned to last for a 12 or 18 month period. Regardless of how long you plan to run your program, you should plan to analyze results frequently along the way.

When it comes to deciding what kinds of programs, challenges, educational events and resources to include in wellness plans, we recommend meeting with a professional wellness company like Wellworks For You. Consultants can help you navigate among the many options to choose the best ones that fit your employees’ needs. Partnering with a professional company can also give you access to previously designed templates, high level reporting software and tools for analysis that you would not otherwise have. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel in order to implement great wellness plans. Simply call Wellworks for You today!

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