Effective Wellness Incentives for Your Company

As corporate wellness programs continue to evolve and grow, effective wellness incentives will also continually change. What may seem appealing to a large majority of employees today may not seem so wonderful in years to come. Wellworks For You is well aware of the variety of incentives that are needed to increase participation and motivate employees towards their wellness goals. We provide an incentive system that’s easy to understand and painless to manage. It allows you to deliver the incentives promised in an efficient and orderly fashion – without getting bogged down in the data.effective wellness incentives

Early on, when wellness programs were just gaining popularity, many businesses leaned toward cash as the most effective wellness incentive for their participants. Cash and gift cards can indeed be a great source of inspiration for many wellness program participants. The advantage of this incentive is that it allows people the freedom of choice. Everyone is motivated by different things. While some may enjoy a restaurant gift card, others may be more inclined to a retail store gift card or just some extra money in their wallet.

Other effective wellness incentives come in the form of insurance premium discounts. These discounts are easy to give and may become more enticing this year because of the Affordable Care Act, which has raised the maximum reward from 20% to 30%. There is some speculation that this number could go as high as 50%, making this incentive extremely attractive.

No matter what types of incentives you choose to implement at your company, giving your employees rewards and goals to look forward to and work toward will help you in your quest to increase program participation and create a culture of health. Contact Wellworks For You today for more information! One of our dedicated account representatives can assist you with a consultation to determine the best option for your company. We can even help develop a custom program to meet your specific needs!

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