Don’t Lose Perspective On Everyday Health And Wellness Practices

If you are interested in promoting wellness at your business, it is important to remember that everyday health and wellness is about steady, realistic adjustments more than it is about radical changes.  Although much of the media today focuses on making drastic changes or following extreme diets, the reality is that just simple steps and increased awareness can make a huge difference.  In fact, because such changes are sustainable in the long run, then end up being much more effective than radical practices that are abandoned after a week or two.

Everyday Health And Wellness Practices

Eating vs. Dieting

A larger part of everyday health and wellness is what you eat.  Many diets focus on resisting temptation, avoiding certain foods, or even avoiding eating altogether in exchange for meal replacement options.  Often, though, these diets are not sustainable or effective.  Psychology shows us that any time we try to stop one behavior, it is important to add a positive behavior in its place.  So, instead of trying to avoid bad foods, focus on adding healthy foods.  When you “indulge” in real foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, it will be much easier to say no to foods which offer less nutritional value.

Finding The Right Exercise

For clients who are trying to get into exercising for the first time, it can often sound like a test of endurance.  They ask, What do I have to do?  Instead, try asking, What do I enjoy doing that is active?  When you find physical activities that you really enjoy, whether that’s taking walks with a good friend, joining a frisbee team, or swimming at a local pool, you are more likely to consistently participate in that exercise.  Additionally, you may also find yourself wanting to add additional workouts, such as weights or extra cardio, to enjoy your hobby even more.

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