Don’t Get Sick With These Cold Flu Prevention Tips

Over one billion people suffer from a cold each year and that doesn’t include the flu. We walk down the street to work, we’re in a meeting, or we’re walking the aisle at the grocery store and someone sneezes in our personal space. Whether we realize it or not, we were exposed to germs. Reality is we can’t live in a bubble to avoid all these germs that surround us. But the good news is that are cold flu prevention tips that can help us avoid getting sick.

Cold-Flu-Prevention-Tips5 Cold Flu Prevention Tips

So what are some things you can do to prevent the cold flu?

  • Plenty of sleep. Your immune system needs to be replenished and sleep is the best way to do that. Make sure you get your zzz’s at night.
  • Wash your hands. You touch objects all the time whether in public or at your house that have tons of germs on them. Wash your hands as often as you can.
  • Stop touching your face.  A study shows that the average person touches their face every 20 seconds. Every time you touch your face you are spreading the germs from your hands to your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Exercise. Regular exercise is another immune system booster. Exercise will help any of those bugs that you do catch from actually making you sick.
  • Eat healthy. Healthy food like fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins that keep your immune system going strong.

Did You Know?

Cold flu season runs during the so-called “candy season”, Halloween to Easter. This is why you need to eat extremely healthy during these months to make sure your body is getting the vitamins it needs while you eat all that candy!

It’s not bathing suit season during cold flu season but you need to make sure you exercise regularly to boost your immune system.

The CDC recommends you and every member in your household gets the flu vaccination. This is the most important step to prevent the cold flu especially in young children pregnant women and people over 65 years of age. Should you feel the cold flu coming on, research suggests that zinc lozenges can shorten the length of the cold flu. It won’t prevent the sickness but it can shorten its duration and make it not as severe.

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